Lou Whistle 4 Pack

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Molasses and pecans come together in a luxe chocolate wrapper and deliver flavors of buttery pecan pie in a soft and satisfying chew, without any dairy at all.  We’ve put two little two-bite bars into an adorable box for rich a treat now, and another one later, or for sharing with a friend.  Lou Whistle loves coffee and chai, bourbon and rum, zinfandel and cider.  In this candy, we’re festive and refined, well-heeled and familiar.

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Weighs 4.8 ounces.  Vegan and gluten free

  • organic cane sugar
  • organic rice syrup
  • organic coconut oil
  • pecans
  • organic blackstrap molasses
  • kosher salt
  • Madagascar vanilla
  • organic, fair trade chocolate by Ranger Chocolate Co., 70% (organic cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, vanilla beans)

Contains pecans, coconut.  Made on equipment that is shared with peanut, cashew and hazelnut processing.


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Weight.45 lbs
Dimensions9.25 × 1.625 × 1 in

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  1. JR Clark

    What sorcery, magic or spell created this deep, dark molasses goodness wrapped in chocolate? Did our intrepid chocolatier sell her soul at the crossroads to provide this confection to the fortunate chocolate lovers who came across this website? It’s not entirely liquid – but not entirely chewy – just enough to slow down your greedy tongue and create a thrill of flavor reminiscent of the wondrous non-crust-part of a pecan pie — you know what I’m talking about: the dark brown boiled over bits that stick on top of your pecan pie that you pull off and enjoy before it cools? That. Except not scalding hot to burn your fingers or tongue and even more amazing for being covered in chocolate and not having any unnecessary crust. Get a LOT of these.

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